Be part of the “Raffles 22-year Celebration.”

Dear all lovely alumni, You are invited to join in the Raffles 22-year celebration” by recording yourself and submitting a 1 minute video about your experience studying at Raffles. In the video, you may include

  1. Your name, age, and region Your career. 
  2. What programme did you study at raffles? When did you join raffles? 
  3. How was studying at Raffles like? 
  4. What did you get from studying at raffles? 
  5. What was your best memory while studying at Raffles? Persuade students to join Raffles.
We will edit your video to make it more exciting and post it on our social media channels. If you have your own brand and would like to promote yourself, please feel free to include it in the video. 

To participate in this campaign, please press the button provided below to submit your video.

We appreciate your contribution, and we look forward to seeing your submission.

Thank you for your time and support.